The Americana Music Association of Australia is announcing the holding of our first ever national, annual conference, and “Celebration of Australian Americana” night.

The conference will be held on Saturday November 4 as part of Australian Music Week in Cronulla, NSW. On the evening of Thursday November 2 we’ll be curating an Americana showcase, and on the evening of Friday November 3 we’ll be hosting our “First Birthday Bash”.

Why are we doing this?

The community of Australian Americana musicians is incredible. The music being created is of a world class standard, and deserves to be heard, and appreciated. The AMAA wants to do everything we can to get this great music in front of as many people as possible so it can be exhaustively appreciated.

In running these events we want to achieve three big outcomes. Firstly, we want to give our community of musicians, producers, photographers, videographers, venues, bookers, publicists, et. al. an opportunity to get together, and find ways we can work together to grow the audience for our music. Secondly, we want to get as many or our Americana acts as possible in front of a broad range of industry professionals in order to open up more avenues for touring, recording, and travelling overseas. Finally, we want to get more eyes, and ears from the general public on our artists to grow the audience for this fantastic community.

Partnering with AMW to run a one-day conference, an Americana showcase at AMW, and the “First Birthday Bash” show gives us a strategy to meet those three goals.

Nick Payne

To find out more about the inaugural AMAA National Conference visit the following links:

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