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The Americana Music Association of Australia Incorporated is a non-profit organisation that aspires to foster the enjoyment, growth and recognition of Americana music in Australia by providing information, support and opportunities to our members and the Americana music community within Australia.


Mission Statement

Embracing creativity, integrity, and independence, the Americana Music Association of Australia Incorporated works to build the Australian creative and professional community in order to encourage the growth, recognition, and opportunities for the Americana genre within our country, and for Australians travelling overseas. We do this through activities that encourage understanding, networking, and collaboration.

We will achieve this through activities such as:

  • Encouraging collaboration and networking within the membership and with the wider musical community to create mutually beneficial opportunities to enjoy, create and advance Americana music in Australia
  • Building a dynamic information network for members to perform, record, tour and promote Americana music in Australia
  • Establishing and supporting genre specific events, awards, charts and retail categories
  • Supporting and encouraging Australian Americana artists and international Americana artists touring Australia

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Our Stakeholders

The Americana music community in Australia is vibrant and growing. The Americana Music Association of Australia (AMAA) exists to support this community. To this end we value all participants within the community equally, and work to create value for all our members regardless of race, sex, religion, social or any social standing they may or may not experience within the community.

Our membership comprises musicians and songwriters, both from Australia and overseas, plus other creatives, and professionals from all sectors of the music industry, such as producers, graphic designers, photographers and videographers, as well as agents, promoters, venues, festivals, labels, distributors, retailers, management, touring, journalists, broadcasters, and publicists.

In order to better understand the variety of people within our community we have identified a series of roles that individuals may play, and how those roles interact with each other. For every activity we undertake we ask ourselves the question “how does this benefit each of these roles within our community”.

When we can show benefit for all stakeholders then we know we’re on the right path. Where we can’t, we know that we need to try harder.

Social Graph

The social graph identifies the roles individuals play within the Australian Americana community, and their relationship to other roles.

These roles are: Musician/Songwriter, Creative Services, Professional Services, Media, Retail/Distribution/Venues, and Audience.

Member Social Graph


Without musicians and songwriters our community would not exist. Musicians and songwriters are those that create and perform the music that we love. They need to be supported, nurtured, and given the room to focus on being creative. We aim to create the conditions where more, and more can build sustainable careers.

Creative Services

Creative services are those who assist musicians and songwriters by providing a service that is creative (as distinct from professional). This includes people like graphic designers, photographers, videographers, producers, et. al. These folk are as creative as musicians and songwriters, supporting and extending their creative efforts. Often the creative output of musicians and songwriters appears as a collaboration between themselves and another creative service.

Professional Services

Professional services are those who assist musicians and songwriters by providing business related, professional services. This includes people like, publicists, managers, etc. They help musicians and songwriters get their creations to market so people can hear and see them. They play a very important role in allowing musicians and songwriters to focus on the creative process. In an ideal world they help musicians and songwriters achieve sustainable careers.


Media are those that promote the creative output from musicians and songwriters; they broadcast to those interested that this content exists! This includes people like radio programmers and presenters, magazines and newspapers, blogs, etc. Media bridge the gap between musician and audience. The democratisation, and de-industrialisation of media that’s occurring means that these folks are more and more in it because of a passion and love for Americana music.


Retail/Distribution/Venues are the means by which the audience access and purchase the creations of musicians and songwriters. This is a broad category and continues to diversify due to the disruption of traditional distribution models by digital technology. These days this includes traditional points of distribution like, retail outlets, and the distributors behind them that enable the physical supply chain. It also includes emerging points of distribution like online music stores, streaming sites, etc.


The ordinary folk who listen to and enjoy the creations of musicians and songwriters. Beyond the personal satisfaction of creating music for music’s sake, these people are the reason the rest of us create, and facilitate music. The end goal of all creativity is to bring joy to individuals, to bring people together, and maybe contribute to making the world a better place.

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Our vision is that Australian Americana music will continue to gain more popularity, both here and overseas, resulting in a broad variety of opportunities for all stakeholders to take part in the creation of music and art. We aim for a collaborative community that creates work that connects deeply with an audience to entertain and enrich their lives. We hope that the growth of interest in Americana music provides the possibility for more and more people to earn a living from music and art.

Year one roadmap

Our aim in the first year is to deliver the following for our community:

  1. Networking get-togethers in as many places in the country as possible
  2. An up to date and meaningful directory of members, artistic services, professional services, media, and retail/distribution/venues
  3. A short conference for our community to discuss ways to create more opportunities for everyone
  4. Establish a positive working relationship with the Americana Music Association in the United States, with a view to creating opportunities overseas for Australian artists in the future

The future

The list of ideas for future activities is long. Opportunities include:

  • Coaching/mentoring programs and partnerships for emerging artists
  • Overseas opportunities via the Americana Music Association in the United States
  • Career incubator
  • Venue development
  • Showcase opportunities

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